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Lev Levontin Ltd. builds exclusive high quality residential projects, in the heart of Tel Aviv, just minutes away from Rothschild Boulevard, in the area undergoing modern restoration and developing into a new fashionable address. The Lev Levontin project is designed in a style that preserves the historical character of the handsome ornamented period buildings in the midst of burgeoning coffee houses, art galleries, designer stores and trendy clubs .
The Lev Levontin project appeals to patrons of culture and arts who are clever to spot a high quality lifestyle investment and aspire to become active members of a dynamic community.
The architectural design of the project, located at the intersection of Levontin and Mikve Israel Streets, blends simplicity and clean lines that integrate the historical Bauhaus style architecture with modern functionality ? by combining the latest construction technologies, green building principles, and high quality finish.
The six-story project includes 71 executive apartments of four, three and two bedrooms in size, and penthouses. The additional commercial level is designed specifically for boutique shops and galleries. Residents will be provided with parking, private storage and building common areas that include a lounge and a storage room for bikes and carriages. A beautiful patio will also be at the tenant's disposal, designed as a quiet green getaway at the heart of the building complex, that promises a tranquil environment, letting you take a break from your daily routine.

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